House To House: The Battle For Mosul


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House To House: The Battle For Mosul

Watch Maj. Ihab Jalil al-Aboudi and his soldiers fight block by block to wrest control of the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State militants in this 360 video.

Nimrud's Riches: The Islamic State's efforts to erase history

More than two years after Islamic State extremists released a shocking video that showed how they had destroyed parts of Nimrud, the 13th century B.C. Assyrian capital, Iraqi forces entered the ancient site. Witness the extent of the damage to the site first-hand, as 3-D recreations of key historical artifacts rise from the rubble.

This project was a collaboration with AP staff in New York, London and Erbil.

Egypt Garbage City

Perched in Cairo's Moqattam hills, the inhabitants of Manshiyat Nasser, mostly Coptic Christians, have served as a workaround for the capital’s lack of formal trash collection for the past 70 years. They collect the garbage of Cairo’s residents in a door-to-door service for a small fee and then transport it via donkey carts or pick-up trucks to their homes in Manshiyat Nasser. The garbage is sorted for recyclable material and pigs or goats eat all organic waste.

Mosul Frontline Headquarters - 360

Step inside the Iraqi special forces' front line headquarters as they call in air strikes on Islamic State militant positions from an undisclosed location in Mosul.